LION „Shimba“

The ANIMAL-RIDING animal LION „Shimba“ is a healthy exercise device that offers lots of fun and fun for children. It is characterized by a soft plush body and an innovative drive system with steering, grips, footrests and plastic wheels. The animals are available in 3 sizes (Small, Medium / Large, X-Large).

The right size for your child
Small: For children between 3-5 years, saddle height 56 cm, min. Weight 10 kg, max. Weight 40 kg
Dimensions: (length / width / height) 67 x 27 x 78 cm

Medium / Large: For children between 5-8 years, saddle height 69 cm, min. Weight 15 kg, max. Weight 65 kg
Dimensions: (length / width / height) 90 x 32 x 98 cm - from approx. 1 meter body size recommended

X-Large: For children from 8 years, saddle height 80 cm, min. Weight 20 kg, max. Weight 80 kg
Dimension: (length / width / height) 110 x 35 x 117 cm

LION „Shimba“

Animal-Riding LÖWE „Shimba“ (Small)
Price: 219,00 €
219.00 EUR


LION „Shimba“
(Medium / Large)

Animal-Riding LÖWE „Shimba“ (Medium / Large)
Price: 299,00 €
299.00 EUR


LION „Shimba“

Animal-Riding LÖWE „Shimba“ (Large)
Price: 359,00 €
359.00 EUR


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