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Family Packages

The Animal-Riding animals are healthy exercise devices that offer lots of fun and fun for children. They are characterized by a soft plush body and an innovative drive system with steering, grips, footrests and plastic wheels.

The special feature of the steerable animal riding animals is that the child can ride through its own natural movement, both inside and outside, an environmentally friendly, purely mechanical movement - without batteries, without gasoline, without exhaust fumes - and completely silent. Animal-riding animals offer not only fun, but are also a good supplement to promote healthy and physical activity, as well as motor development in children. As with many fitness machines, the muscles of the waist, arms, legs and abdomen are stimulated and the back muscles are strengthened.

The animals have a robust, non-rusting steel frame. The materials used are of high quality and insensitive to dirt and rain.

Family Packages PONY

Zoo-Riding Pferd Rechts
Stead: 438,00 € VAT included
418,00 € VAT included
418.00 EUR


Family Packages MIXED

Zoo-Riding Pferd Rechts
Stead: 518,00 € VAT included
498,00 € VAT included
498.00 EUR


Family Packages HORSES

Zoo-Riding Pferd Rechts
Stead: 598,00 € VAT included
578,00 € VAT included
578.00 EUR


Family Packages HORSE RACE

Zoo-Riding Pferd Rechts
Stead: 718,00 € VAT included
688,00 € VAT included
688.00 EUR


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