Animal-Riding animals are healthy mobility devices that offer fun and enjoyment for children. They are equipped with a soft plush body and an innovative driving system with steerage, handles, footrests and plastic wheels.The animals are available in 4 sizes (XS-Mini, Small, Medium / Large, X-Large).

The specialty of the steerable Animal-Riding animals is that the child can ride following his or her natural inner or outer movement: an environment friendly, purely mechanical mode of transport – without batteries, petrol or pollution – and completely noiseless.

Animal-Riding animals do not only offer fun but also support a healthy and mobile activity that enables the development of children’s motor skills. As with many types of fitness equipment the waist, arm, leg and stomach muscles will be stimulated and the back muscles strengthened.

The animals have a robust stainless steel frame. The materials used are of high quality and resistant against dirt and rain.


Animals are available in the following sizes:

  XS-Mini Small Medium / Large X-Large
Dimension (L/W/H) 48 x 24 x 66 cm 70 x 27 x 78 cm 85 x 34 x 93 cm 105 x 35 x 114 cm
Saddle Height 44 cm 56 cm 67 cm 77 cm
Net Weight 5.5 kg 9.5 kg 15 kg 17 kg
Weight incl. Package 6.5 kg 10,5 kg 17 kg 19 kg
Assembly required removable head removable head Removable head and folded legs Removable head and folded legs
Weight Rider min. 7 kg 10 kg 12,5 kg 15 kg
Age Rider (years) 2-3.5 3–5 Years 5–8 Years 8 Years +
Dimension Box (L/W/H) 56 x 25 x 45 cm 64 x 27 x 58 cm 66 x 32 x 47 cm 87 x 35 x 52 cm


Security is an important aspect with ANIMAL-RIDING animals. All animals have been TÜV-testedin all of Europe and every single animal will undergo a comprehensive quality and function check-up once again before delivery.

With strong children the animals can exceed the walking speed. Please watch out that your child does not ride too fast or ride steep slopes without accompaniment. Riding backwards or rolling back on the animals is not possible because of security aspects.

Although the use of the animals is very safe (no fast speeds and low heights only), the use of a safety helmet (egg. a bike helm) is strongly recommended especially for small children.

Please note: Not suited for children under 36 months. Not to be used in street traffic. Riding during thunderstorm is not permitted. Use only on even surfaces and roads under adult supervision. The use of the animals is at own risk – ZOO-RIDING AG is specifically not liable for damages due to inappropriate manoeuvringor for accidents that occur due to non-observance of the rules and regulations. 

You find an extensive choice of accessories especially for the ANIMAL-RIDING horses, which enable your child also to play with the animals. We offer grooming boxes, play sets or complete sets. Their contents are described at our Online Shop.