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Herewith you find the most important information concerning our Shop:

How can I order?

We provide a shopping basket for the order in the Online Shop. The order can be sent online. Upon receipt of an order to the ANIMAL-RIDING Shop, a confirmation and purchase details will be sent to you. (Order confirmation)

What is the right animal size for my child:
First and foremost, the weight of your child is important since each size of the animal requires a minimum weight so that the animal can move down alone by the body weight.

In the second place, you should check whether your child can reach the pedals from the body when sitting on the animal. For this purpose, measure the leg length (inside the crotch - to the ground) of your child.

 XS-MiniSmallMedium / LargeX-Large
Dimension (L/W/H) 48 x 24 x 66 cm 70 x 27 x 78 cm 85 x 34 x 93 cm 105 x 35 x 114 cm/td>
Saddle Height 40 cm 54 cm 65 cm 72 cm
Net Weight 5.5 kg 8.5 kg 15 kg 19.5 kg
Weight incl. Package 6.5 kg 10 kg 17 kg 22.,5 kg
Assembly required removable head removable head Removable head and folded legs Removable head and folded legs
Weight Rider min. 7 kg 10 kg 15 kg 20 kg
Age Rider (years) 2-3.5 3–5 Years 5–9 Years 8 Years +
Dimension Box (L/W/H) 64 x 25 x 45 cm 69 x 29 x 63 cm 69 x 32 x 66 cm 87 x 35 x 69 cm

Delivery dates 
Provided that the ordered goods are on stock, they will be checked for quality and function on the working day following the order and shipped to you. As a rule, you will thus receive the goods within 3 working days. Possible customs controls may cause longer delays in delivery.

Prices and Shipping costs

The prices quoted are in Euro (EUR) and include the legal VAT (added value tax). ZOO-RIDING AG reserves the right to alter the quoted prices. Such is not possible if an order has been sent and ZOO-RIDING AG has confirmed the contract or if the ordered goods have been sent to you.

The prices exclude shipping costs that will calculated in the shopping basket according to the country of order.

Customs dues may incur when ordering from a non-EU country. The purchaser must pay these on delivery or they can be collected cash by the delivery service.

How can I pay?
The payment can be made through credit card (MasterCard, Visa), PayPal or direct bank transfer.  Please choose the preferred mode of payment at the Online Shop.

Minimum age for purchases order
The requested minimum age for ordering goods from the ANIMAL-RIDING Shop is 18. The agreement of the legal guardian is needed if the ordering person is younger than 18.

How many animals can I order?
ZOO-RIDING AG keeps the right to limit the size of the order to a reasonable amount. No more than 10 animals can be ordered simultaneously. If a larger amount is desired, please contact

Can I withdraw or cancel the order?
The order can be cancelled within 14 days in writing (also per e-mail). Moreover, the purchaser can withdraw from the contract 14 days after delivery of the ordered goods. 
For documentary evidence, withdrawal from the contract should be in writing (letter or E-mail) or through return of the goods. No explanations are needed. It is sufficient to send the cancellation/goods within the deadline to the ANIMAL-RIDING Central Warehouse in the Netherlands to the address: 

Animal Riding P.A. Drost transport, Spoorstraat 47-49, 4041CL Kesteren, The Netherlands 

In case of cancellation the purchase price will be refunded fully or partially against return of the ordered goods. The returner will be in charge of the shipping costs. The goods must be returned in unused condition enabling resale and shipped in the original packaging to the sender address. The reduction in value due to the use of the goods or damaged packaging can be claimed by ANIMAL-RIDING AG or withdrawn from a payment already effected. The same conditions apply if some accessories or parts are lacking upon return.

Defective goods
All animals will undergo a comprehensive quality and function check-up before delivery. Should you receive defective goods, please contact ZOO-RIDING AG customer service at, or send the goods to the Central Warehouse in the Netherlands at the address given above.

Terms of cancellation
In case of an effective cancellation the mutual agreements must be fulfilled. If you cannot return the received goods fully or in a deteriorated condition, you must reimburse the loss in value. This does not apply when the deterioration of the goods is only due to their testing – as it might have happened at a store. Furthermore, you can avoid the obligation to compensate loss of value by not considering the goods as your property and by avoiding anything that could contribute to their loss in value.

Goods that are suitable to be sent per parcel post should be returned through postal delivery (UPS, DPS, etc.). You must pay the costs of the return shipping when the delivered goods correspond to the ordered goods. Otherwise (e.g. when a wrong animal was delivered or the goods were faulty), the return is free for you. We will collect goods that are not suitable for parcel post (e.g. big animals) and will inform you which option is the best for your returns. Payment obligations are due within 30 days. Your time period begins when your notice of cancellation/withdrawal has been sent respectively the goods shipped and our time period begins upon their receipt.

Data protection
In order to process legal transactions the purchaser gives his/her explicit agreement that ZOO-RIDING AG may enter and process his/her personal data electronically within legal regulations (in particular observance of the data protection law 2000). The agreement can be withdrawn anytime. We inform the purchaser free of charge about his/her personal data processed and filed by us. Correction, deletion and blocking the personal data processed and filed by us can be requested anytime. ZOO-RIDING AG takes all technically possible measures to protect the customer data files. No liability will be assumed should a third party by illegal means bring these data to his or her power of control and reuse them. Claims against ZOO-RIDING AG because of damage to the customer or a third party because of such action will be excluded by mutual agreement.
Please note also our General Terms and Conditions and the Cancellation Right

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